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About the Author

Hi, my name is Jacob Preston Hodge. I am an amateur writer with a desire to create and curate stories that stir the deep waters of the pensive soul.

Welcome to my creative outlet: BlurredLens.

Thanks for reading.


Why "BlurredLens"?

My glasses prescription is moderate. Proud Corrective Lenses Enthusiasts scoff at the meagerness of my "impairment", yet 20/20 Vision Purists never invite me to sit at their table in the cafeteria. So I live in a kind of corneal purgatory, with my mild-yet-necessary smudged glasses.

I have noticed a pattern in my life: Fantasizing about a problem-free life never solves the discontent I feel over the challenges I dream of escaping. While I wish every day was absent of annoyances, pain, or confusion, such black/white "clarity" doesn't exist. Instead I live in a "blurry" world filled with the "in-between", the ambiguity; I have what I need to enjoy life, but not enough to be immune to its hardships. The fantasy exists only in my dreams.

If I dared to live a life without my smudged and glasses, I could. Though, I would be exchanging sight for ignorance. Flecks of dust and fallen eyelashes would be gone from my view, but so would any semblance of definition of the world in front of me. But if I embrace the inherent nature of my lenses - in all their blurry glory - then I learn to appreciate what I can see. Who knows, I may discover beauty in appreciating life for what it is, rather than wishing for something it is not. (But I'm only a theorist, not an experienced veteran.)

I hope BlurredLens becomes a place where my stories express this trying, edifying reality: Imperfection can invite beauty. Tragedy can beget significance. Pain can cultivate intimacy. Anxiety can beckon perspective.

If we let it.


My goal for BlurredLens is to balance meaningful stories with a consistent publishing schedule, while not forsaking the authenticity of my slowly developing writing competency. I don't want readers to be left waiting months in between chapters, and yet I don't want you to consume stories that I don't believe in either.

The age-old battle still wages on: Quality versus quantity.


I am a father of three, husband to a stunning wife, and have a full-time job, so this project will take some time to discover its own rhythms of publishing timeline.

Thank you preemptively for being patient with me as I explore what this could be.

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